All Saints Episcopal Church
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major milestones were:

  1885 Original organ was installed, built by William A. Johnson & Son, Westfield, Massachusetts.
  1886 On June 30th, dedicated "In Memory of Mrs Gertrude Leslie". The voice of Praise and Thanksgiving.
  1891 A new organ chamber is added to the church building.
  1891 Arthur B Clute became All Saints' organist. For most of his years of service he rode his bicycle from his home in Toms River to Lakewood and back every Sunday. He missed only two Sundays during his 41 years of service to the church!
  1936 The church's organ was "modernized" by installing an electric blower which eliminated the hand-pumped bellows.
Dedicated "In Memory of Elizabath Burdge Davidson".
  1946 A chimes-amplifier is installed.
  1958 A Reuter pipe organ replaced the old organ.
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  1959 Inge Stockman, the church chimer, became All Saints' organist. A position she would hold for 34 years.
  1972 Four ranks of pipes were added to the Reuter organ.
  1994 The 8-foot trumpet stop was revoiced in the Reuter organ in an effort to better lead congregational singing. The work was done by Edward Hillis and Richard Davidson.
  1996 George Montgomery donated a 16-foot extension to the trumpet stop of the Reuter organ as a memorial to his wife.
  2000 Necessary roof work allowed the expansion of the organ chamber to its present size. We now have room to expand the range of the organ itself.