All Saints Episcopal Church
213 Madison Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701-3316

What is a Vestry?

The Vestry of All Saints' Episcopal Church consists of 12 members: the Rector, two wardens and nine vestry men/women.

What is the role of a Vestry Member?

The Vestry meets once a month, usually on the third Thursday. The role of a Vestry Member is three-fold: to take care of the parish finances; to take care of the parish buildings; and to choose individuals to fill various positions of parish leadership and representation. All interested parties are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

Who may become a Vestry Member?

Any person may serve on the Vestry as long as: they are a confirmed or received communicant in good standing in The Episcopal Church; and at least 16 years of age; of good moral character; regular attendees at the services of the parish, for the last six calendar months; and regular contributors for six months to the current expenses of the parish.

Who are Our present Vestry Members?

Priest in Charge
The Rev Nicole Kurkowski

Sr Warden
Leo Espinoza

Jr Warden
Ted Massey

Etta Caldwell
Ronald Maslanka
Joseph Ricchiuti
Barbara Alli
Karen Mayers
Marisol Noguera
Fortino Gonzalez
Nicolaza Martinez Gonzalez
Armando Mora

2023 Vestry Meetings

3rd Thursdays via "Zoom"