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A lector is a reader of the Lessons. The lector proclaims the Scripture readings used in the Liturgy of the Word.

Lectors at All Saints' Church

We have a dedicated group of people who read the lessons on a rotational basis. More volunteers are always welcome. "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few."

Who may become a Lector?

Anyone who wants to take a more active part in the Sunday Worship service may ask to be scheduled as a lector. Some people may want to read the lessons only on a particular day; such as a birthday or an anniversary. What a wonderful way to celebrate that special day.

Is there training?

There is no formal training. Every lector does get "Some Advice to Lectors" by the Rev. William Sydnor; only two pages but some excellent suggestions. Lessons may be downloaded, in advance, at our Sunday Readings page:

No one is expected to get up and read the lessons "cold"; that is, without some practice. You can also ask the priest, sr warden or myself (Arlene) for advice.


If you would like to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special day by taking a more active part in the Sunday worship service, email me (Arlene Mortimer) or call the church office at 732-367-0933.

Thank you.