All Saints Community Center
c/o All Saints Episcopal Church
213 Madison Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701-3316

Our Mission

All Saints Community Center's mission is to house & empower.


Lakewood has been the source of much controversy about the plight of the homeless. Tent City, which housed over 80 people in the woods of Lakewood, was torn down in April, 2014. Lakewood agreed to pay the homeless residents rent for one year, which end in April, 2015. Some have turned their lives around and have become productive members of society.

There are still many disenfranchised people in our community. There are virtually NO shelters in Ocean County. But there are many more people in the Lakewood area who are struggling, day by day, to find a place to sleep and a job.


HOUSE the homeless in our Samaritan House; not a shelter for someone to crash for the night, but short-term transitional housing a sober-living environment. EMPOWER, counsel, provide resources, referrals, advocacy, food and targeted financial assistance to the homeless who are working to overcome a current life crisis. All Saints Community Center partners with community and state social services and assists clients with issues of housing, utilities and other urgent needs. These needs could be gasoline, vouchers so clients are able to get to work and/or look for housing, assistance with utility bills to prevent shut off and food.

Clients are interviewed to assess level of self-sufficiency and the following areas are discussed to determine level of care and intervention: housing, employment, income, family support, community support, mental health, addiction and safety. A mentor meets with the individual to offer support, advocacy and resources until stabilization is achieved.

The service area of All Saints Community Center includes all of Ocean County, with the majority of the referrals from Ocean County Board of Social Services, Crosswinds House, Ocean County Jail, Ocean Health Initiative and Salvation Army (Toms River).

All Saints Community Center is seeing an increase of clients on a weekly basis and many find themselves in this situation for the first time in their lives. We have a success rate that is close to 70%; compared to the state average of 35% for this type of facility. Your gift has given us the resources necessary to double the state average.

Thank you!